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At Weight Mastery Institute, our experts are committed to being your trusted guides through your weight loss journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing. Along the way, you will find increased self-awareness and self-confidence and learn the art of mastering your weight for life through our weight loss services.

We are here to support, encourage, and reinforce your journey towards permanent weight loss. At Weight Mastery Institute, our number one goal is to empower and teach you how to take control of your life.


Our Program Chef and Dietitian will educate you on the art of healthy and enjoyable cooking and eating, transforming your nutritional habits. Our Program Chef and Wellness Coach teaches you to create healthier alternatives to current diet and eating patterns.

At Weight Mastery Institute, we will educate you on your nutrition and the importance of detoxification for weight loss. As our bodies release fat, stored toxins are also released into the blood, interfering with your metabolic rate –  effecting maximum fat burning, life energy and long-term health.

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Utilizing the principles of physics, biomechanics and an understanding of learning and human development, we will help our clients expand their self-awareness through movement. The Feldenkrais and Pilates methods we use enable you to include your entire body in your functioning movements. This full body awareness is a key component of mastering your weight for life.  Our experts will prescribe an appropriate and personalized movement/exercise routine for you during your program to incorporate into your daily life.

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Each Program includes weekly sessions that will explore your beliefs, habits and coping patterns related to your weight. Using talk therapy, life skills training, Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a part of the process, we will identify and teach you how to change the outdated neural network programming of your brain.

Hypnosis and NLP anchor the material presented in this program to strengthen your commitment to your transformation and success. You will learn self-hypnosis and receive support materials, including a weekly MP3 download to be listened to daily, giving you the tools you need to support your weight mastery for life.

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