Acupuncture and Your Weight Loss Journey


Acupuncture Can Help With Your Weight Loss Journey

Acupuncture can be a helpful treatment for Weight Loss… by Carol Braverman, Lac, MS

Acupuncture works on your nervous system to calm it down, inside and out.

  • On the inside, acupuncture impacts the neuroendocrine system subtly, blocking neurochemicals that are harmful and balancing hormone and neurotransmitter levels naturally.
  • Acupuncture reduces anxious feelings naturally by affecting the part of the brain that regulates emotions.
  • On the outside, acupuncture relaxes your muscles, giving you a break from constant tension and allowing you to feel comfortable inside your own body.
  • Acupuncture will also increase the production of pain-killing chemicals, improve circulation, speed soft tissue injury repair, and boost immunity, contributing to your overall health.

A Doorway to New Experiences
Weight Loss JourneyFor help in your weight mastery journey, acupuncture can be a doorway to experiencing life in a different way. In three sessions or more you’ll be able to “jump tracks” from being reactive to responsive. It takes about a month to begin to experience the biochemical changes that occur deep within the brain.

To claim acupuncture will help you lose weight is disingenuous: make no mistake, your intention underlies all the changes you make. Take it slowly: I have found in my life that the changes that stuck were made gradually. It’s not nearly as satisfying in the short term, but steady progress is more sustainable in the long run.

Not all of our changes happen in our minds, so go easy on yourself! Some changes happen physiologically. This explains is why we experience a push-pull when making changes. You know, the “three steps forward, two steps back” routine.

Command Central
Our neuroendocrine system is Command Central, driving the numerous, intricate metabolic processes that keep the body humming along. When the body becomes accustomed to a certain level of a neurotransmitter or a hormone it thinks it should maintain that level as the “normal.”

One example is the neurotransmitter adrenaline. Some people are addicted to being “on” all the time. In response to perceived or actual stress, the nervous system doesn’t know the difference. Our adrenal glands pour out more adrenaline to make our heart beat faster and our pupils dilate and more. We become perpetually poised for action and can stay stuck there if we don’t make a conscious effort to change.

Another example is the hormone cortisol. When we’re stressed, the adrenal gland kicks in again, making more cortisol. Cortisol sends the message we’re under threat and we better eat because we need that extra energy to survive.

Live Better and Feel Better
Experience Acupuncture We become accustomed to muscle tension, headaches, TMJ, irregular sleep, irregular eating habits, easy irritability, high blood pressure, easy fatigued, and foggy thinking, just to name a few, not realizing there’s another way to experience our bodies.

When you introduce changes to improve and restore body functions, the neuroendocrine system resists the changes at first. It takes time for the readjustment to kick in and stick, and this is where a “slow and steady” mindset comes in handy.

Meditate. Exercise. Talk with your psychotherapist. Try a range of mind-body exercises, from yoga to tai qi or qigong to dance. Paint. Write. Go to the movies. Take a walk in nature. Meet up with a friend.

And get some acupuncture. I’ve found that pairing it with these or other activities increases its potency.

In conclusion, acupuncture provides a natural respite that allows you to put feelings and thoughts into perspective and have the discipline needed to see internal changes through.

Carol Braverman is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine. Along with her service for Weight Mastery Institute, Carol runs her private practice, Mountaintop Acupuncture & Rehabilitation.





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