Jessica Noel

Registered Dietician

“You are more than a number.”

Jessica’s passion for nutrition began in high school when she helped alleviate her mother’s autoimmune disease with a gluten free diet. The energy, weight loss, and decrease of pain were so amazing that she realized nutrition is the ultimate medicine that was all too often ignored. After struggling with weight and body image as a teenager, Jessica decided to pursue a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

In 2014, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences with a concentration in dietetics from Montclair State University in New Jersey. While in school she helped to develop disease-based nutrition protocols for a Holistic Health company and then went on to work with bodybuilders and overweight individuals. Jessica knows that proper nutrition is vital for both the body and the mind and is passionate about educating others. She enjoys watching positive progress and growth from her clients. She is intrigued by the cultural, social, and behavioral aspects of diet.

Jessica doesn’t believe in “diets” and works on educating her clients for complete lifestyle changes leading to ultimate success. Through education, goal setting, accountability, and support she will break down any barriers and get to the root of the problem for sustainable life changes.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys hiking, creating art, and has been trying her hand at yoga. You can follow her blog at OliveMyselfNutrition.weebly.com to get healthy recipes and nutrition advice.