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Jacqueline Kelly, MS, CSCS, NASM-CPT, TSAC-F

Mind and Movement Specialist

“With a willingness to change and by working on making yourself healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally, you too can experience the change you desire.”

With over 20 years of experience, Jacqueline is one of Denver’s best resources for conquering the physical and mental limitations that keep you from being your healthiest and happiest self. When you work with Kelly, you will improve physically, and you will also gain the mental skills to tackle some of life’s challenges.

Jacqueline Kelly is a registered psychotherapist with advanced training in hypnotherapy. She specializes in mental imagery for athletes and individuals who want to achieve permanent, positive changes in their lives. Jacqueline has a Masters in Sports Psychology, a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health and several nationally-recognized personal training certifications. A personal trainer for twenty-four years, Jacqueline has extensive experience helping individuals make healthy and lasting changes to their lifestyle.

Jacqueline has a passion for helping people change their mindset and achieve their goals. She started her sports psychology and personal training studio in Westminster, Colorado, Kelly Performance and Wellness, providing one-on-one personal training, group training, mental skills coaching, and hypnotherapy.

In December 2016, Jacqueline published her must-read book: It’s All In the Mind: Think Differently, Get Fit, Change Your Life that outlines the steps to make a change in your life with the inspiration to stay on track and keep moving forward. Jacqueline has also been featured online in Reader’s Digest, Bustle, Z Living, and Octane Athletic Performance.