Stephen Walker, PhD

Director of Health Education

“I believe in a clear merging of physical, emotional, mental and purpose-driven growth in each person. My goal is to help you achieve more joy through better health and improved performance.”

Dr. Stephen Walker is a licensed healthcare professional who has served as a therapist, health psychologist and athletic and personal performance consultant for the past 38 years in the Rocky Mountain Region. His PhD in Counseling Psychology resulted in the publication of groundbreaking research that brought together the fields of psychology, integrative physiology, biofeedback and human performance in response to stress and recovery.

Dr. Walker is a highly respected public speaker and published author. He is editor-in-chief for Podium Sports Journal which has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Sport Psychology websites and is read by thousands of followers every week. He is a thought leader in the developing field of positive psychology, guiding his patients to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Dr. Walker has researched and written in the area of cardiac psychology and is a conscientious supporter helping people manage their risk factors of heart disease.

Dr. Walker and the programs at Weight Mastery Institute endeavor to equip you with skills in managing life stress and gaining a sense of control in a variety of situations. Using inspiring quotes and affirmations, biofeedback techniques and prompts to engage positive emotions, Dr. Walker takes his patients on a journey of healing old wounds and helps them develop a personally designed approach to mindfulness. His patients acquire a stronger sense of personal power to aid in their pursuit of purposeful living for a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

Dr. Walker is an adjunct Professor at the University of Western States in the Department of Sport and Performance Psychology in Portland, Oregon. His classes focus on mental skills training for athletes and performing artists. In addition, his Case Studies class continues to be a popular offering amongst Masters and Doctoral Level Students.  Dr. Walker is a strong communicator and incorporates humor, logic, a strong sense of purpose and use of inspiration to help his clients along their journey. A survivor of cancer and his own life threatening health challenges, he relates to the unique trials we each face in our efforts to become the best version of our self as we grow, learn and evolve.