Scott Clobes, PLA, CNTP

Local Foods Educator

“After facing some of my own health challenges, my work took on a new meaning for me. I’ve always had a love and passion for the natural environment and holistic health – I had my first beehive at the age of 8! But, now I get to share my experience and knowledge to help people live a healthier life.”

Scott Clobes is a landscape architect (PLA) and a holistic nutritionist (CNTP) with over 20 years of professional experience in landscape design and nutrition with an emphasis on creating sustainable spaces and empowering people to achieve their health and wellness goals.

After over 15 years in landscape design for commercial clients, Scott decided to pursue his lifelong interest in holistic nutrition. Scott envisioned a connection between his past career in landscape design and his love of nutrition, which led to the creation of Roots In Nutrition in 2016.

Scott believes that health and wellness is rooted in nutrition. Just as important as what we are eating is knowing where our food comes from. Food is an environmental, economic, and social connector and Scott helps others to understand the connections between our food, the land, the producer, and the community and how they synergistically work together.

He creatively brings together his experiences, interests, and education to help people create unique indoor and outdoor spaces at their property that are sustainable, promote health and wellness, and provide people with healthy fresh produce. He is passionate about educating people on the importance of gardening, urban farming, local food systems, water conservation, and native plant species to help build stronger local communities that promote environmental as well as personal health and wellness.

Scott is a volunteer with the Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council and is an active member of the Denver Highlands Neighborhood Sustainability Program. He is also a community gardener with Denver Urban Gardens and a member of the Denver HUNI Neighborhood Association as well as the Denver Permaculture Guild.

When Scott is not working in his free time he enjoys many activities such as attending sporting events, listening to live music, gardening, cooking, reading, traveling, camping, hiking, and cycling.