Clarissa Constantine

Personal Trainer, Women’s Health Educator

“At the end of the day, my goal is to help connect people to themselves through education, mindfulness, and physical movement. And, hey, if I can’t help my own mother, maybe I can help yours.”

After earning a degree in Music Production & Technology, Clarissa entered the education field, where she has spent nearly two decades supporting students through the college and grad school admissions process. While she enjoys teaching and tutoring, she felt that there was a part of her that was being nourished.

When her husband shifted careers into the health and wellness world, she chose to follow him and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Together they founded Constant Motion Fitness in 2010. As a trainer, Clarissa’s primary focus is working with women and girls who don’t know where to start – either because they have never been active or because it’s been so long that they don’t remember where to begin.

Unfortunately, she’s seen the devastating affects that obesity can bring: her mom has been obese for as long as she can remember and is now suffering the debilitating results of a lifetime of unhealthy living. Unfortunately, she is unwilling to seek support to become healthy and Clarissa brings that awareness to her clientele: there’s nothing she can do for someone who isn’t ready to try. As a result of this awareness, Clarissa’s clients appreciate her down-to-earth, realistic approach to health and fitness.

Clarissa also began pursuing meditation and mindfulness to help manage diagnosed anxiety. Along that journey she found Chakradance and became an Accredited Chakradance Facilitator in 2016. This beautiful practice that combines music, movement, and art is recognized internationally as a therapeutic modality. Participants often describe the experience as being in a waking dream. Some folks who have participated in Clarissa’s Chakradance programs have had profound insights into their inner knowledge and come back wanting more! Most recently, Clarissa became an Accredited ‘inamojo’ Facilitator – in essence, ‘Chakradance for Kids!’