Carol Braverman

Carol Braverman, LAc, MS, DiplOM

Eastern Medicine/Acupuncture

“Most of us are walking around with ‘something,’ but we accept it as part of daily living, often because we don’t know there’s a different perspective available. My goal is to help people find their higher state of health and maintain it on their own, for a lifetime.”

Carol was introduced to acupuncture at the peak of her health. It simply made her feel even better, but it also eliminated her chronic, life-long insomnia, headaches, and occasional problems with digestion.

After studying and practicing qigong movement (an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions) and meditation passionately for years, she found acupuncture to be transformative. She understood it to be a powerful medicine – helping prevent health problems from becoming bigger and helping to keep general health maintenance on track.

Carol’s passion led her to begin her studies in western and eastern medicine. Carol is now a Colorado state licensed acupuncturist, after having worked in New York City as a NY state licensed acupuncturist for many years. She is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and has a Masters Degree in Science from Touro College’s Graduate Program in Oriental Medicine, with over 4,000 clinical hours in private and hospital inpatient settings. Each treatment Carol gives her patients draws from various techniques (Japanese, TriggerPoint, Scalp, Auricular) and tools (Chinese herbs, cupping, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, gua sha, and more), based on the individual’s health needs.

Along with her private practice, Mountaintop Acupuncture & Rehabilitation, Carol is a volunteer acupuncturist with the Medical Reserve Corps, a federal pilot program for disaster relief.